Spreading the benefits of DYNAVIS® technology to new applications



The future for energy-saving and productivity-enhancing DYNAVIS® technology extends to an almost unlimited number of applications and uses. The continued and widespread use of monograde hydraulic fluid in so many hydraulic systems creates enormous potential for replacement with high-performance fluids formulated to DYNAVIS® standards...and for significant energy savings and impressive productivity gains.

DYNAVIS®-formulated hydraulic fluids are currently in use, or in test-phase,with:

- Mobile hydraulic applications (including excavators, wheel loaders, mining equipment, etc.)

- Stationary hydraulic equipment (such as injection molding machines, molding presses, etc.)

Mobile or stationary, DYNAVIS® technology expands productivity and reduces energy consumption. Hydraulic systems powered by electric motors save electricity. Hydraulic systems powered by combustion engines save fuel, and, in many cases, benefit from cooler operating conditions.