adapts to the application scenario


Hydraulic Fluid Performance

By choosing different polymer structures from the VISCOPLEX® product range, fluids based on a wide variety of base oils can be perfectly adapted to very different tasks.

Depending on application and operating conditions, a variety of different demands can be placed on hydraulic fluids. Fluids for shock absorbers have different property profiles from those for hydraulic fluids for construction machinery or industrial applications such as molding presses or injection molding machines.

With its power to transform hydraulic fluid viscosity to its optimum in a broad range of temperatures, DYNAVIS® technology renders conventional monograde fluids obsolete. This applies to a wide range of base oils. On the technical side, the offer comprises of consulting, formulation support, testing, OEM approval and reliable delivery of the required oil additive wherever it is needed.

DYNAVIS® technology is the perfect solution for a vast range of application scenarios. Think of it as a synonym for „tailor-made solutions“, since Evonik‘s Oil Additives Team approaches each customer‘s problem as a unique challenge.

With its regional technology centers and global manufacturing network, Evonik supplies superior DYNAVIS® technology to its customers worldwide with rapid and localized production and efficient delivery.

The Oil Additives specialists at Evonik provide a full range of support, including consultation, formulation guidance, testing, OEM approval and a robust supply chain worldwide.